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Treatments for highlight, dye, or bleach

If you regularly highlight, dye, or bleach you're doing and suffer from dull, brittle hair that’s plagued with split ends, it might be time to show your hair some love. Prices vary depending on the length and fullness of your hair.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is a procedure in which your hair is coated and treated with nourishing products. It restores your hair's moisture, strengthens it, and reduces the damage caused to it by chemicals and styling products.
Price varies depending on the length and fullness of hair.

Keratin Treatment

A Keratin treatment is a process that smooths and often straightens hair. It involves applying products to the hair, blow-drying it, and sealing it with a flat iron. Keratin is a natural type of protein in your skin, hair, and nails.
Price varies depending on the length and fullness of hair.


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